Full Length Albums
Ghosts of Neverland    (Full Length for Serwin Music Group)    2015
Monkey Business    (Full Length for Serwin Music Group)    2009
B-Sides    (Full Length for Serwin Music Group)    2006
Ghetto Electro Chronicles    (Full Length for Moonshine Music)    1998
The Four Seasons    (Full Length for Serwin Music Group)    1995
Star Climber 27 Final    (Full Length for Advanced Research)    1994
Phobia    (Full Length for Revolving Records)    1993
Compilation Appearances
Chillout    (2 Singles for Moonshine Music)    2002
Moonshine Over America 1998    (Single for Moonshine Music)    1998
White Trash Gangsta Trance    (2 Singles for Moonshine Music)    1997
West Coast Gangsta Trance    (2 Singles for Moonshine Music)    1997
The Trip Hop Test Volume 3    (Single for Moonshine Music)    1996
Moonshine Over America Sampler CD    (Single for Moonshine Music)    1998
Visible Records In-Sight Volume 1    (Single for Visible Records)    1994
The Incredible Adventures of Flem Globber    (Soundtrack)    1993
Twitch Remix Service CD Vol. 5 & Vinyl Vol. 7    (Single for Twitch Music)    1993
Journeys by DJ's Volume 2 Mixed by Judge Jules    (Single for BMG Music)    1994
Markie B. / Spiritual Tribal    (3 Singles for Sony Music)    1993
S.F. Rave X-Plosion Volume 1    (8 Singles for Revolving Records)    1993
Bass From Da 3rd Floor    (No Label Records)    1992
Collision Records Volume 1    (Single for Collision Records)    1991
Re-Mix's and Editing
Coolio / Sumtin' New    (Tommy Boy)
De La Soul    (Tommy Boy)
Thelma Houston / Don't Leave Me This Way    (Motown)
Naughty by Nature    (Tommy Boy)
George Clinton    (Mixman)
African Bombatta / Planet Rock    (Tommy Boy)
Gus Gus    (Mixman)
Fem 2 Fem / Switch    (BMG)
T' Tauri / Joy to the World    (Hardkiss)
Eon / Fear is the Mind Killer    (Columbia)
Fidelity Bytes    (Visible Records)
The Ultraviolet Catastrophe / The Trip    (Twitch Remix)
DJ Le Le    (White Label)
Channel 69    (JPIL)